LinkedIn messaging.


Make the most out of your LinkedIn messaging.


Your LinkedIn conversations. 10x faster.

Saved replies
Follow-up scheduling
Prospects tagging
Export to your CRM
5/5 customer support
Ergonomic interface
See public roadmap

An overlay on LinkedIn messaging


With custom variables,tags and notes, customize your conversations in a handy way.


Automated follow-ups and tags allow you to create better relationships.


You manage your conversations in no time compared to standard LinkedIn messaging.


You're never alone. Our team answer you via chat in a few seconds.


GDPR compliant

Piwaa complies with the general data protection regulation. Our servers are located in Europe, no messages or personal information related to conversations is stored and the information of our users is encrypted and anonymized.

It is high time
to improve efficiency

With Piwaa, you reply to your prospects on LinkedIn faster. And better.


Is the beta free?

Absolutely. The beta is free and should last 2 to 3 months.

Is there a risk for my LinkedIn account?

No! Piwaa behaves exactly like the standard LinkedIn messaging. The difference is in the interface and additional functionality that does not generate suspicious behavior with LinkedIn.

Is there a mobile app?

Piwaa will initially only be available as a Chrome extension. But we are thinking about it...😉

Is it possile to manage multiple accounts?

Not for now. But we are thinking about it! For more information, see our public roadmap.

How to join the beta?

It's already online. You just have to click here

What will be the pricing?

The price is not yet fixed. We are considering a "freemium" model with a number of free features and a premium subscription for more advanced features.

They can't wait